Stay C.A.L.M and choose Mad-Dad

So, why call myself Mad-Dad Games?

The name actually represents the journey I am on, being a father suffering with anxiety and depression.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for about as long as I can remember. In the last 3 years alone I have harmed myself several times or got perilously close to suicide. Not many people know that I have been on medication, seen a psychologist regularly or been involved in group therapy but all these things have been a part of my regular day to day activity.

Like a lot of people who also suffer from depression, I often feel so alone I cry. I have thoughts and feelings that spiral in to fantasy and generally make me doubt myself and sometimes; I even hate myself. Some of the time, I feel so tired that I struggle to do the most basic of things.

I constantly remind myself of the family and good friends who support me and although I find it hard to tell them, I love them dearly. Since mid-2017, I have found new ways to cope through C.B.T and through mindfulness and for the first time since my teenage years, I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s this last paragraph that is the most important. I have always wanted to do something like Mad-Dad Games but my anxiety has always got in the way. With my new found mindfulness techniques, I’m slowly tackling my anxiety and making Hyperleague Racing a reality and beyond that, who knows!

So there you have it! Mad-Dad games is not just about being a slightly bonkers nerdy dad of two, it’s also a journey of someone who is challenging themselves and inch by painful inch, overcoming their anxiety.

I am also a huge supporter of the C.AL.M campaign. this forward thinking campaign is trying to shine a light on the fact that 3/4 of all suicides in U.K. are men and that it’s preventable by getting men to talk about their mental health and engage with mental health services earlier.  In the future Mad-Dad Games will be able to do some fund raising for this wonderful charity.


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