Andy T is a father of 2 daughters who love gaming and over the last few years has been making simple games for them to play. One day, a kindly friend placed a crazy idea in his brain that he should start to develop some of these in to actual games that other people could play.

After writing and running the award winning Shadow Wars Live Role-Play system for 10 years, Andy decided to get back to miniature board gaming and over the last few years has developed some excellent friends throughout the gaming industry here in the Midlands. I have written a card game for WordForge Games based on their successful Devils Run IP and working on that sparked him in to wanting to do more.

Andy plays Guild Ball, Shadespire, Burrows and Badgers, Pokémon (I get smashed by my 6 year old regularly – Andy), L5R TCG, several role-play games and frankly, any games that my 3 and 6 year old daughters fancy having a go at!

So, here we are! Mad-Dad Games is simply a place for Andy to splurge his love of games on to and hopefully, over time you will find stuff that he is doing and think its cool.

His first game is Hyperleague Racing, which was born from an age old love of Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, Gran Tourismo etc. but also subtlety influenced by a children’s book called ‘The Snoogle Race’ 🙂 Check it out by clicking the banner below.

Hyperleague Racing