Gaia Prime

Gaia Prime: The Jewel of the Sector 

Considered the capitol planet of Sector 98; Gaia Prime has wild forests, lush grassland and old mountain ranges dominate all four of the planet’s four continents. A large ocean is the only large body of water, though thousands of freshwater rivers and lakes provided habitats for a large variety of flora and fauna and  places for settlements to be established.

Gaia Prime is a bastion of peace for the most part and is home to the major temples to the sectors religious and philosophical sects. Gaia Prime also houses the sectors newly created Senate in the capitol city of Gi where diplomats from each faction argue over the Sectors resources and countless other trivial matters.

The Gaian people highly value the mastery of oneself and living in harmony, poetry, the performing arts and education. In terms of races that reside on Gaia prime; most have evolved to live in harmony with their surroundings. All are humanoid but all share features with fauna that are native to the area they live in. In this way, the races of Gaia are perfectly in harmony with their home.

The most well-known of these creatures are the reptilian creatures of the Northern Mountains and the Red Drakon Monastery. This ancient temple almost rivals the capitol in size and it is here, under the tutelage of ancient draconic beings that the monastery welcomes lost souls who need help to find their path.

They train relentlessly to hone their body and mind and as such are fearsome opponents in the senate, in arena combat or in the Hyperleague Races!

Gaia Prime currently has two All-Star Racers!

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Master Lee-Zard
Ty-Gress (Tyg)