ivoryIvory was a very popular host in the ‘Glace’ Bio-Sphere due to his stark white skin and childish elven looks. That was until he spilt hot chocolate over General Pam-Boo of the Ursian Empire during her annual vacation! As a punishment for his sloppy service, Lavender ordered him to be her personal valet for her Hyperleague Racing Pod.

After a little encouragement from an All-Star Racer from The Technos Nebula called ‘Whizz’, Ivory ended up stealing Lavenders pod to give the little droid a race! Something he knew would get him in to a lot of trouble but at that point, didn’t care!

Thing is, Lavender arrived in time to watch him cross the finish line ahead of the All-Star racer and rather than punishing the young Nymari further; used her influence to have him enter the leagues! Since then, Ivory has progressed to the All-Star league and although he is yet to beat Lavender, it’s on his things to do list!