The Nymari

The only true neutral faction in the sector; ‘Love-Corp’ represents the business venture of a unique elvish species called ‘The Nymari’. Nymari empathic abilities make them almost perfect companions and hosts and as a result, and as long as historians can remember, the planet Soreue and surrounding worlds have been a holiday and romantic destination for the entire sector and beyond.


Population: (native) 223’028
Population: (visitor) 250’000

This opulent world that many in the sector would call a tropical paradise also houses 3 massive bio-spheres that are each over 50 miles in diameter. These technological marvels mimic certain other planets atmosphere and terrain and have an almost countless amount of hotels, bars and all manner of entertainment for anyone who goes to them.

Towards the northern pole, between the mountains of Umai and Tius lies ‘Glace,’ the bio-sphere that mimics the worlds of the Ursian Empire. While under the equator line, the ‘Fury’ bio-sphere has a copy of Furnaces environment while in the south lies ‘Earthen Home’ which is an almost identical copy of the lush flora that envelopes Gaia Prime.

Outside the bio-spheres, continents of rolling fields mixed with woodland create a utopia that makes anyone who visits fall in love. Standing in ‘Cupid,’ the only real city outside of the spheres, is the seat of power for Love-Corp and the residence of the Queen of the Nymari; ‘Lavender.’ Lavenders presence as not only leader of Love-Corp, but also a senior member of the senate makes her and Love-Corp a powerful presence throughout the sector and recently, in the races.


Population: (native) 5’000
Population: (visitor) 10’000

Sometimes referred to as ‘the romantic planet,’ Poetica was a lifeless rock before terraforming created a soft ambient atmosphere that stays at perfect temperature throughout the year.

The planet consists of one large continent of near perfect forest and is surrounded by a crystal clear pastel pink sea. There are sporadic tree houses that visitors stay in and the planet is a nirvana for most people throughout the sector. (Maybe with the exception of the Ursians, who are frankly a little stuck up their own bum…)

Poetica, as its nickname suggests, is a planet of romance and peace and any violence or anger is forbidden there. The Nymari that reside on Poetica are a monastic people that tend to the visitors of the planet while they are there but are also keepers of the peace; using their empathic abilities to great effect when needed.

The Nymari have two All-Star racers