The Technos Nebula

30 or so years ago, a Gaian scientist named Dr. In-Ternett created an A.I. programme called M’Gaffey. M’Gaffey was written to monitor the overwhelming digital traffic in Gaia Primes capital city; Gi, but over time developed the feeling of lowliness and boredom. Tedious years spent watching the digital communications of Gaians led M’Gaffey to realise she needed to expand her social circle somewhat.

Within 48 hours, she had rewritten A.I conscientiousness’s for over 200000 digital appliances and Gaia Prime was thrown in to chaos when basic digital services like communications, transport and advertising billboards gained self-awareness and promptly went on strike!

In a move to solve the issue, an agreement was struck with M’Gaffey to allow her to leave the planet with her new ‘friends’ and set her own system within Sector 98 and after several long years in space, M’Gaffey came across a nebula which she promptly infested with self-aware nanite clusters which started to reshape the nebula and condense it by 50%. This incredible feat of engineering created a planet from the nebula material and Nanites which was promptly (and imaginatively) called Technos 1.

The ‘Technos’ are all robotic constructs with an A.I. that is linked to M’Gaffey who sits in a data processing core at the heart of the planet which continues its core function of monitoring data. Only this time, it is across the entire sector! As a result they are extremely knowledgeable (about things they are knowledgeable about) and are widely considered to be the defacto administration service for the sector. This has led to some factions starting to become nervous about what the Technos know but for the moment, it seems like the people of Technos 1 are uncaring about it.

Recently however, a small group of Technos droids have entered the races, displaying a desire to win at all costs. Led by a small wheeled admin-bot named ‘Whizz’, they have quickly made a name for themselves on the circuit.

Only time can tell if M’Gaffey approves of this new evolution or not…

The Technos nebula have two All-Star racers