The Undercrypt Alliance

The Undercrypt Alliance is a loose group of planets and space stations that live near to a star that emits a radioactive signature far higher (and a lot dirtier!) than normal stars of its size.

By far the oldest faction in the sector, their history is steeped in mystery and as far as anyone can tell is that at some point in the past, the mining of resources and irresponsible dumping of waste into the star caused it to become poisoned. Factions throughout the sector have varied opinions on the alliance ranging from outright animosity from the Ursians to a quizzical curiosity from Gaia Prime and Love Corp.

There are several places of note within the faction;

Collector Station #1

Population: 8’046787

Collector Station #1 is the doorway to the Undercrypt Alliance and is situated just outside the range of the Star’s noxious radiation. As a result; visitors to the Alliance are greeted here and most, if not all, trade goes on within the station. The Station itself is eon’s old and resembles a gothic rusted fortress sat in space, if anyone in the alliance knows who made it; they are extremely tight lipped about it as they are with any parts of their ancient history. So much so in fact, that it is considered a major social faux par to mention anything about where things came from while taking to a member of the alliance.

Inside the station, the gothic theme is extended throughout. Hotels, bars, stores, storage, manufacturing bays, recycling centers and medical bays are easy to access here and as a result; it is also the outward seat of power for the alliance. At the heart of the station is a vast arena that doubles as a political audience chamber as well as a gladiatorial style competition that is common place within the alliance when settling difference.

Inhabitants of the station are often gaunt and skeletal and have pale blue or green paleness to their skin that comes from never having seen a sun that wasn’t poisoned.


Population: 1’005628

Furnace is a highly industrial planet covered with immense factories and toxic rivers of molten metal that flow from mountains of machine waste. Most of the planet’s residents live in sealed habitats within the factory complexes that they work in; connected by a vast monorail system that cuts its way across the junkyard planet and connects each part to another. The atmosphere outside the habitats is toxic to anyone not of the alliance and visitors have to wear environment suits if they have a burning need to see this cess pool of a planet.

While Furnace is thought of as a filthy hell by most, the sectors waste is almost exclusively brought here and repurposed. To this end, it is also one of the most important planets in the sector.

Inhabitants who live on Furnace are darker skinned and have developed harden carapaces and lesions are often common. These traits have earned them a nickname from the rest of the sector as ‘Rotters’. Something the denizens of Furnace have no patience for…

The Dump

Population: 5’948203

The planet Shayde; also known as ‘The Dump’ is a planet located on the far side of the Noxious Star. This is the real heart of the Undercrypts power as it is here that the alliances governing council control the alliance from The Citadel of Rust.

Led by ‘Drak,’ A monarch of a type and mysterious figure that never shows himself to outsiders, Shayde is a strange place for people to visit as the landscape has been manufactured from repurposed scrap. Vast forests of rusted machinery scale mountains created from crashed or salvaged star ships. Rivers of rust coloured water flow along metal riverbeds which have been riveted together in an unknown time by an unknown artificer.

The planet stands as a recycled mockery of Gaia Prime but to the members of the Alliance. It stands as a stark reminder of what they are and how nothing remains lost forever. In the North, the Citadel of Rust stands as tall as mountains, casting its shadow across the world. Exuding its influence over the system and maybe beyond…

The Undercrypt Alliance have two All-Star Racers