Ty-Gress (Tyg)

tygressTy-Gress was a member of the technical support team for the senate, responsible for data input and other extremely tedious tasks. To give herself a bit of excitement; she entered a local kart race and (to a lot of peoples surprise) started to win!

It wasn’t long before her superiors caught wind of her racing prowess and she was instantly drafted to the Hyperleague Racing programme and sent to train with the monks of the Red Drakon Monastery.

Ty-Gress (or ‘Tyg’) ,as she likes to called, has an extremely mischievous side to her personality. A trait which has not endeared her to most monks within the Monastery, her only real ally being Master Lee-Zard; who sees her as an equal and someone who understands what it takes to race against the best the sector has to offer.