zomboyThe All-Star known as ‘Zom-Boy,’ grew up on the mean streets of San Filthsisco on The Dump and alhough he looks like a boy, he is actually 47 years old!

This little miracle is due to an industrial chemical spill that gave him (and pretty much the whole of San Filthsisco) immortality and a rather irritating skin condition.

At the time of the accident; ‘Zom-Boy’ was a petty thief for the small time criminal outfit; The Cracked Tooth Crew, until he was caught by Undercrypt Enforcement Officers and as part of his rehab into society, chose to take up cart racing.

Being super resilient and not being afraid to put some of his criminal skills to use in the race, the authorities saw an opportunity to sponsor him and as a result, climbed the ladder to the All-Star League!